Bright Lake Park

1444 Bright Lake Road
Ceylon, MN

  • Primitive Camping Sites
  • Hiking / Biking Trails
  • Horseback Riding Trails
  • Shelter House
  • Picnic Tables
  • Barbecue Grates
  • Fire Pits
  • Boat Launch
  • Restrooms (Pit)

This property became part of the Martin County Conservation Club in the late 1960's and was purchased by the County in 1971. In the early 1800s remains were found from Fort Tchan Hassen, a fur-trading post of the John Jacob Astor American Fur Company. This lake was originally called Babcock for James H. Babcock, the first settler on the southwest end of the lake. He named the lake Bright Lake, although settlers of the time still called the lake Babcock. For many years, there was rookery for the night herons on the south shore of the lake. Bright Lake is one of the largest lakes in the west chain of lakes. Bright Lake is linked to Clayton Lake by Perry Lake which is one the smallest lakes in the County. The lake is shallow and marshy and sometimes dry. Bright Lake Park is a primitive park with few amenities, a good park to hike and enjoy wildlife and nature.
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