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courthousebigOpen to the public. The Martin County Court House is built of stone. The first story is built of Marquette rain-drop sandstone from Michigan, and the second and third stories are built of Buff-Bedford limestone from Indiana. The foundation of the building is made of solid concrete about five feet deep. The building is classical in architecture. It is made fire proof throughout.  The courthouse is located on the site of Old Fort Fairmount, built in 1862 at the time of the Dakota (Sioux) Uprising. Its construction was commenced on April 9th, 1906, and was completed November 1st, 1907. Its dedication was held on December 16, 1907.  It is 79 feet by 116 feet in size, and height, to the top of the roof is 50 feet. The dome extends 58 feet above the roof, making it 108 feet from the ground to the ball on the dome. The total cost of the building, including heating, lighting, steel and wood furniture, paintings and decorating, and the plumbing, is a little less than $125,000.  It is built in the Western part of the city of Fairmont on an eminence of ground overlooking beautiful Lake Sisseton.  The ground floor is divided into offices for the Judge of Probate, Superintendent of Schools, Surveyor and rest rooms.  The second floor is divided into offices for the County Commissioners, Auditor, Treasurer, Register of Deeds and Clerk of Court. The third floor is divided into District Court Chambers, Courtroom, Jury rooms, and an office for the County Attorney.  The Rotunda and corridors on the different floors are large and spacious and are fitted up with settees for the accommodation of the public. It is listed in the National Registry of Historic Sites ~ (507) 238-3126.  For more information, visit the Martin County Historical Society.