Paintings & Dome

Peace - In the dome, On the north wall, The center figure sitting represents Minnesota, with the horn of plenty. Standing behind is Columbia. Minnesota under the protection of Columbia is growing in peace. Minnesota, with raised hand is blessing the county. All agricultural industry, etc., prosper under this blessing. The symbol of agriculture is represented in the figure presenting the olive branch to Columbia and Minnesota. The industry of cattle raising is shown in the background. Home industries are represented by the girl with the spinning wheel. The group on the left hand in this painting represents mechanics and education. The classical figure with the scroll is teaching knowledge and wisdom to the eagerly listening young woman. In this group we also see the worker in iron, with a stern look. The Indian in his typical paraphernalia, is eagerly watching the rapidly changing conditions of the county, holding in his hand the plans of the new Court House, thinking of the times when only dense forests and prairie covered the land. peace2

Genius - On the west wall. The North Star and the Seal of Minnesota. The Seal is decorated with the state flower, the Moccasin flower. Between the great paintings on the walls of the dome are four emblems representing agriculture, commerce, art and science. genius2

War - On South wall. This painting represents destruction. The fury of war, the avenger of evil, comes from the sky, with a sword of flame. Underneath we see beautiful women, old men, young warriors, women in great pain, showing the last moment of life. A miser attempts to save all his goods and the money, but is unable to save them for the avenger comes. The city goes down, the temple burns, the sun set showing the end. This painting represents all evil and the destruction of prosperity. war2

Sentence - In the Court room. On the right hand. Justice is represented standing with the scale in hand. Law is reading in the book and Mercy begs a moderation of the law. sentence2

Inspiration - On the east wall, Allegoric figures. The center figure represents light and the intellect of the mind. The right band figure represents power of thought holding the symbol of the court, the fasces, in the hand. The left figure represents glory. The spiritual representation of the figures is expressed through the clouds. inspiration2

Execution - In the Court room. On the left hand. The power of the law is sitting with the fasces in hand, reading the sentence from the tablet. The executioner is standing in the middle, near the Bible on the table, with a sword in his hand, to carry out the sentence of the Court. The prisoner in chains represents the power of the Court. execution2

The dome extends 58 feet above the roof of the Martin County Courthouse, making it 108 feet from the ground to the ball on the dome. The inside of the dome also contains 4 large paintings symbolizing Peace, War, Genius, and Inspiration. dome2