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Notice is hereby given on this 25th day of June, 2014, pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 18.83, Subdivision 1 (2009), that all persons in Martin County, Minnesota, shall control or eradicate all noxious weeds on land they occupy or are required to maintain.  Control or eradication may be accomplished by any lawful method, but the method(s) applied may need to be repeated in order to prevent the spread of viable noxious weed seeds and other propagating parts to other lands.  Failure to comply with the general notice may mean that an individual notice, Minnesota Statutes, Section 18.83, Subdivision 2 (2009), will be issued.  An individual notice may be appealed within two working days of receipt to the appeal committee in the county where the land is located.  Failure to comply with an individual notice will mean that the inspector having jurisdiction may either hire the work done or seek a misdemeanor charge against the person(s) who failed to comply.  If the work is hired done by the inspector, the cost can be placed as a tax upon the land and collected as other real estate taxes are collected.  You may obtain a list of the plants that are designated noxious and the members of the appeal committee from your County Agricultural Inspector or County-Designated Employee.  You can also obtain this information from your Local Weed Inspectors.  Local Weed Inspectors include the township supervisors, city mayors or their appointed assistants.  More information regarding the MN Noxious Weed Law and a list of County Agricultural Inspectors and County Designated Employees can be obtained from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Web Site by visiting:

Pam Flitter, Martin County Agricultural Inspector
Martin County Courthouse, 201 Lake Avenue – Room 104
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Land Use

Construction, alteration and the movement of buildings and/or structures may require a building permit that can be obtained from the department.  If you are unsure if your building project requires a permit, contact the Martin County Planning and Zoning Office.






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Septic Systems

Martin County Planning and Zoning permits and inspects the installation of septic systems to ensure that systems meet all regulatory requirements.  County and state regulations require urban and rural residences and businesses to replace systems that do not properly treat effluent.  Existing systems may need to be modified or replaced to meet current regulations.
Licensed septic system designers, inspectors and installers must be used when upgrading or replacing septic systems in Martin County.

A list of licensed contractors can be found at:




Link to MN Rules 7080-7083
Link to U of M septic info
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