Where can I easily get more information about property taxes?  Check out the MN Department of Revenue property tax website.  Within these pages you can discover how property is valued and classified, what role Estimated Market Value has in your property taxes, and how to appeal your property value and classification

Exclusions such as Homestead, Veterans with a Disability, and Special Homestead for Property Owners who are Blind or Disabled are included and Property Tax Refund and Senior Property Tax Deferral are explained.

Contact your County Assessor for more information or explanations.  We are here to help.

Generate sales lists using multiple criteria.
Or from a Beacon Parcel Report, scroll to bottom and use Recent Sales in Area by Neighborhood or Distance.  
Review Sales Ratio Reports to verify Assessor compliance.


The primary job of the assessor's office is actually narrower than most taxpayers believe. Their task is to value and classify each property in the county.  An assessor doesn't decide how much tax is to be paid nor do they  establish tax rates. Estimated Market Value is the assessor's estimate of a property's actual market value, defined as the most probable price well informed buyers and sellers would agree to without either party being unduly forced to buy or sell on the assessment date, January 2, each year.

The assessor's office maintains information about every piece of property in the county to assist in making their estimates of value each year. This data is available on Beacon.  Appraisers review the information for each property in the county at least once every 5 years to ensure accuracy. This allows comparing all unsold properties to properties that have sold recently to help estimate market value.

Main Office Number 507-238-3210

County Assessor
Michael Sheplee

County Appraisers  

Deb Eversman

Jeremiah Fitzgerald


Jessica Laue

Matthew Malone

GIS Specialist  
Norma Padgett

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